Proverbs 16:31
 Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.
We have been blessed by God with an abundance of life experience and these are great treasures to share with one another and those around us.  If you are looking for fun and fellowship with people who share your life experience, we have a ministry for you. Our seniors (60+) are a highly valued part of our church family, and continue to be actively involved in church ministry in many ways.  Seniors  participate in all areas of our church’s life:  worship leading, mentoring, teaching, nursery, café , prayer ministry, visiting, outreach and so on.  Occasionally our seniors gather together for a fun outings, Christian movies, board games or  interesting Bible studies. So become Spiritual "OWLS"
If you need any more information about programming, outings, events or prayer,  please fill out the E-FORM below.
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