Commandment Part # 2

Most Important Commandment – Part 2

39  A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ [f]   40  The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:39-40

What does this mean? Sounds kind of odd to me. I believe God wants us to do for your neighbor everything that you would do for yourself or perhaps what you’d like others to do for you. Perhaps a list
 Respect
 Be available
 Be a friend
 Never purposely hurt them
 If you find something really good or really cool, share it with them.
 Care about them

It’s a small list and it’s easy to do if it’s a friendly person about your age that’s interested in the same things. But, what if it’s a nasty, smelly person that’s not fun to be around? Those are the people we have to work harder to love. It’s a good thing we have the Bible, good friends and God’s help. When you help these people you sure feel great after – God is well pleased.

I encourage you today to find someone maybe not nasty, maybe just lonely. Give them a call, send them a card, start small but do something for someone that needs a friend. Do something that you’d want a friend to do for you. The last verse sums it all up, verses 37 & 39 sum up all the rules in the 10 commandments that were given in the old testament. So much easier to just remember these 2, maybe not easier to fulfill them.
Sure glad God wants us to ask for Him for help so we can do it together.

Dear Jesus. Thank you for all you’ve done. Help me Lord to be a friend to somebody today and
everyday, somebody that maybe doesn’t have a friend or just needs a new one. Help me to lean on You to do this together. AMEN

Cory Bursey

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